[mythtv-users] SUCCESS: I've had EVERY SINGLE problem possible.

IvanK. chepati at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 27 16:39:30 UTC 2003

Or you can comment out the panel (I believe it's the kicker line) in startkde.  
This won't start the panel at all.


On Thursday 27 March 2003 12:10 am, Chris Palmer wrote:
> Albert Santoni wrote
> > I only have two remaining problems:
> > - MythTV doesn't like Gnome, and in KDE 3 I get the taskbar at the bottom
> > of my video...
> You can't really get around this with KDE.  You *can* configure
> your taskbar to "auto hide" (which still leaves a row of pixels)
> or, what I do, is click on the left or right side of it to hide
> it manually.  It shrinks to the height of the taskbar, but only
> a few pixels wide (the size of the click areas are configurable
> and I bet it would change the size of the remaining pixels, too).
> If you're not dependent on KDE, another window manager would get
> away from this problem and other focus issues that you're not
> even mentioning, yet.  :).
> > - Lirc works with Freevo, but not with MythTV. Irxevent says it can't
> > find a config or something...
> what does your .lircrc file look like?  I'm guessing that
> you're using a context-aware config for Freevo and that there
> are no settings for generic input (this is a leap, since I'm
> fairly new to lirc, but I think I understand the concepts).
> -Chris
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