[mythtv-users] SUCCESS: I've had EVERY SINGLE problem possible.

Chris Palmer mythtv at zencow.com
Thu Mar 27 05:10:39 UTC 2003

Albert Santoni wrote
> I only have two remaining problems:
> - MythTV doesn't like Gnome, and in KDE 3 I get the taskbar at the bottom of
> my video...

You can't really get around this with KDE.  You *can* configure
your taskbar to "auto hide" (which still leaves a row of pixels)
or, what I do, is click on the left or right side of it to hide
it manually.  It shrinks to the height of the taskbar, but only
a few pixels wide (the size of the click areas are configurable 
and I bet it would change the size of the remaining pixels, too).
If you're not dependent on KDE, another window manager would get 
away from this problem and other focus issues that you're not
even mentioning, yet.  :).

> - Lirc works with Freevo, but not with MythTV. Irxevent says it can't find a
> config or something...

what does your .lircrc file look like?  I'm guessing that 
you're using a context-aware config for Freevo and that there 
are no settings for generic input (this is a leap, since I'm
fairly new to lirc, but I think I understand the concepts).


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