[mythtv-users] james boike (sp?)

Chris Palmer mythtv at zencow.com
Thu Mar 27 05:35:19 UTC 2003

I am the one that started the thread on ringbuf1.nuv
and got a lecture on RTFM.
Come to find out that my problem actually has got to
do with full duplexing capability of the sound card.

I can start mythbackend fine. When I start
mythfrontend, go through the setup process and then
choose to watch tv, mythtv hangs and I cannot even get
back to init3. I have to reboot my machine.

Instead, if I issue mythtv (mythbackennd is running) I
get the following message:

WARNING: Capture devie /dev/dspis not reporting full
duplex capability. See docs/mythtv-HOWTO, section 17
for more information.

I am realizing that the integrated sound on my ECS
K7SEM motherboard is no good for MythTV. In that case,
what PCI sound card does people recommend? I will
imagine that a plain vanilla Sound Blaster Live will
be fine. And I also know that C-Media chip has problem
with recording hiss. Is there any other suggestion
from people for an economical sound card that will do
the job just fine for MythTV? Thanks in advance.

BTW, I checked section 17 of the docs and I don't see
anything on sound duplex requirement. RTFM?

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