[mythtv-users] Audio Output to SPDIF via MythTV

Unit3 unit3 at demoni.ca
Wed Mar 26 04:14:05 UTC 2003

Jared Luxenberg wrote:

>I'd like to get the MythTV audio to output to the SPDIF, but I can't get it to work for some reason.  I can hear the audio through the standard analog output, but I'd like to get to output on the SPDIF so I don't have to run two cables to my reciever.
This is odd, because if the rest of your linux audio goes out through 
the spdif, so should your mythtv audio. I have a Soundblaster Live, and 
everything (including mythtv) can be outputted via the spdif out 
perfectly fine.

>It should be possible with ALSA to output to the SPDIF...it sets up a device called "spdif" which I can use in conjunction with aplay using the "-Dspdif" option.  Any ideas?
You have a seperate spdif device? This may be part of the reason.

In the mythtv configuration screen, under "playback" I believe, if you 
set the output dsp to this device, what happens?


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