[mythtv-users] Audio Output to SPDIF via MythTV

Jared Luxenberg ziplux at attbi.com
Wed Mar 26 03:35:23 UTC 2003

I've just followed the thread on answering newbie questions, and as a
relative newbie (of about 2 weeks) I thought I'd add some comments.

1) The docs are great, but they could be organised a little better

2) I think the project would really benefit from a FAQ-O-Matic type site.
There are masses of different hardware, distro, config, and library
combinations being used out there. If there was some way of contributing
information about these then I think we could all benefit

3) We really seem to lack a 'what if it goes wrong document'

All of the above are not criticisms, they're just helpful suggestions, and I
am prepared to help out myself in assisting document owners redraft sections
of the docs if that would be helpful.


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