[mythtv-users] Current SAA7134 status.

joel at rosafluffmoln.nu joel at rosafluffmoln.nu
Tue Mar 25 07:31:25 UTC 2003

Im currently using the a saa7134 baser board and it works great. The v4l2 is 
backwardcompatibel with v4l so its no problems. I compiled v4l2 as a module 
(can be found on www.bytesex.org) and saa7134 as a module too and it worked 
like a charm. First I tried to keep the kernel patched with th v4l2 patches but 
that was more of a work then using the module. 
One thing I havent tried is the VBI stuff for closed caption.
The card im using is a terratec cinergy 400 which cost about 70$ here in 
Sweden, but it is perhaps cheaper in Austrialia.


Citerar Rob Nielsen <rob at roblisa.com>:

> I am in the planning stages for a MythTV box and my desired motherboard 
> has 2 PCI slots in which I would like to have 2 tuner cards so at least 
> one will need sound not linked through the internal soundcard.
> btaudio support seems a bit hit and miss.  A Hauppauge WinTV card seems 
> the best bet but here in Australia they seem to be twice the price of 
> other cards (~$200 vs ~$100) and due to region differences it might not 
> work anyway.
> The other option I can see is a saa7134 based card (particularly a 
> LifeView FlyVideo 3000) as the driver supports audio through the PCI 
> bus.  The only trouble I can see is that it is a vfl2 driver which 
> support for doesn't seem to being maintained in MythTV according to 
> Isaac's November posting.  I've looked through the archives and there 
> seems to be a couple of people who had it working, but a few who 
> couldn't too.
> Can anyone tell me if they are currently using a saa7134 tuner card (or 
> even better, two) with the 0.8 version of MythTV and if they are having 
> any problems with the setup.
> Alternatively if anyone can tell me of a particular card available in 
> Australia that supports btaudio, that would be great too.
> Thanks,
> Rob.
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