[mythtv-users] System freeze when watching live tv

David Tarkowski david.tarkowski at verizon.net
Tue Mar 25 02:45:17 UTC 2003

I  have a working MythGame and XMame installation.  I also have SNES and
NES roms, which MythGame locates and adds into the database fine.
However, MythGame will not scan for Mame roms, even though I have Mame
specified in my configuration file, and the path to the .zip files of the
Arcade roms.  MythGame wont find any of them though.  What format do the
Mame roms have to be in in order for MythGame to find them.  Btw, Mame
will run just fine if called manually, finding all the arcade games and
running them just fine.  Here is my Mame section of my

### Mame specific settings ###

# Path and name of xmame binary
XMameBinary=/usr/bin/xmame.SDL -modenumber 0 -scale 2

# Directory where mame roms are located.

# path and name of catver file.

# Directory where screenshots are kept

# Directory where high scores are kept

# Directory where flyers are kept

# Directory where cabinets are kept

# Directory where history files are kept

# Direstory where cheat files are kept

# Choose to show or not to show the disclaimer

I am running MythGame 0.8, on Debian unstable.


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