[mythtv-users] Re: how many days for mythfilldatabase?

Ian Truelsen ian at ihtruelsen.dyndns.org
Tue Mar 25 04:45:26 UTC 2003

Kevin J. Slater writes: 

> Seems to me that mythfilldatabase is only grabbing 2 days (48 hours) of program
> guide? Is this so? Is there a way to control this? Feel free to point out my
> stupidity and tell me it's in section x.y.z! I can't find anything but a section
> in the mythfilldatabase source code.. 
I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but my experience is that after the 
initial mythfilldatabase run, the daily one will download the following 
day's info and then fill in one day two weeks in advance so that the 
database is always populated for the full two weeks. 

If this is not what you are seeing, then you will have to give a little more 
info, perhaps sample output. 

Ian Truelsen
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