The definitive btaudio thread (was: RE: [mythtv-users] Leadtek winfast 2000 XP Can I get sound from bttv directly?)

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Mon Mar 24 08:09:11 UTC 2003

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There seems to be enough questions about btaudio that I believe it
would be better to consolidate them all.  For those that don't know,
btaudio is a module that allows you to obtain the audio portion of a
program directly from the tuner card without using the loop cable
from the audio out to the audio in of a sound card.  That means you
can load up a system (assuming you have the CPU power) with tuner
cards and not have to match each to a sound card to capture the

If you have btaudio _working_ and actually use it to capture with
MythTV, please post the output of "dmesg |grep bttv" and your

I'd like to consolidate the responses into the HOWTO.  Please include
as much information about the card as you can, (there are a lot of
different WinTV models, so be specific about the model number) and
include whether you get btaudio on the digital or analog dsp that
gets loaded.

Please note that simply being able to load the btaudio module is no
guarantee that it's going to work.  I posted a message over in the
v4l mailing list, and Gerd Knorr stated that pretty much any card
will let you load the driver, but that doesn't actually mean that
it's going to do anything.

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