[mythtv-users] NVidia Graphics card and capture card suggestions please

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Mon Mar 24 04:24:25 UTC 2003

If you like your ATI card, you don't have to ditch it.
For about $80 you can get a signal converter.  I found the
picture quality much higher than TV out signals I've seen,
and it works with any card.  Cost-wise, its comparible to
a new cheap card, cheaper than a high-end card.


On Sunday 23 March 2003 05:32 am, Edward Wildgoose wrote:
> I think I am going to need to ditch my ATI Radeon card, looks like it is
> too much trouble to get TV out working.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to the "best" nvidia card to get for
> decent tv out?  Requirements are it must run cool enough to be air cooled
> (with a big zalman heatsink).  Have decent quality tv out (possibly with
> tweaking so that I can get it to fill the screen - some people have
> mentioned that G4MX cards can't do this?).  Also I am looking for DVI out
> with a view to upgrading to a big plasma in the future.
> Has anyone had any experience with the nforce2 boards - could they satisfy
> these requirements? (Anyone made a shuttle SN41G2 work nicely under linux
> with mythtv?).  Also, is the matrox G400 a possibility?  Sounds like many
> people here have had a few problems getting capture at max res 768x576 and
> sound via the PCI bus?
> Also, I am tempted to get a second tv card which must be able to pass sound
> via the PCI bus.  What are the most popular choices here?  So far it
> appears that the hauppage wintv range are (all?) compatible, so I am
> thinking about getting either the wintv-pci or the wintv-theatre.  Does
> anyone have any comments on whether the dolby decoding on the theatre card
> is worth anything and whether you can grab it via the btaudio driver...?
> Thanks for any tips (i'm also happy to take recommendations offlist and I
> will compile and post the results)
> Ed
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