[mythtv-users] install help

Jay jsprenkl at zenobia.ettu.net
Sun Mar 23 21:05:05 UTC 2003

Good Afternoon all:

I've just gotten version 0.8. I installed and when I hit the 'watch tv'
option it does nothing (no display change) and locks the machine. I have 
to power off to get control again (wow!)

Mandrake 9
600 mhz AMD duron + 256 meg of ram
ATI TV Wonder (works using xawtv)
Sound works in Xawtv (through the line in on the sound card)

I did not install xml tv (I have the same problems other do with it. 
Cpan does not work and I couldn't find all the dependencies)

"mythfilldatabase --manual" does nothing but give errors.

Any ideas besides debug using the source?

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