[mythtv-users] install help

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Sun Mar 23 22:25:55 UTC 2003

> I've just gotten version 0.8. I installed and when I hit the 'watch tv'
> option it does nothing (no display change) and locks the machine. I have
> to power off to get control again (wow!)

Well, it isn't mythtv as such which is causing the crash.  Seems that some
module that myth is using is causing the problem.

Suggest first debugging the problem outside of mythtv.  First use lavrec
from mjpegtools to record from the card.

Also check that the machine is really locked, does the capslock/numlock
light come on when you hit the key?  It could be just that myth has taken
over the screen and crashed leaving a black picture up...?  Hit control-alt
1 to get a text console up, log in there and kill myth to get control back

> I did not install xml tv (I have the same problems other do with it.
> Cpan does not work and I couldn't find all the dependencies)

Well, if you didn't install all the bits, then that is definitely a
problem...  If CPAN doesn't work then you can always download manually from
CPAN (http://search.cpan.org) and then unpack and install it yourself

Did you setup mysql and add in the schema entries?

> "mythfilldatabase --manual" does nothing but give errors.

Probably because stuff is missing?

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