[mythtv-users] colour adjustment

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Mar 22 21:54:54 UTC 2003

Ryan A. Carris wrote:
> I'll play with these sometime. I also notice that the white is out of 
> proportion a bit. Is there a page/link that tells me a little more about 
> these numbers?  Is it linear between 0 and 65536, with 32768 half way
> and 28000 less than half?

Right. The interface take a 16bit unsigned int. The number
is divided by 655 to present it as a percentage so 28000
is about 42%. For some channels, I may need to go as low as
35% to get a good image.

> ...Also, I noticed last night that Xaw allows 
> changes to the Hue, but Myth doesn't appear to.  Is there a reason, or 
> am I incorrect?

When Chris Liscio contributed the code to control these, he
didn't expect to muck with hue. I kind of think the tint will
always be close to the middle and exposing it would have likely
exposed people to sad stories your's from yesterday. And what
would the keys be? ";" and ":"? I'm starting to think there
should be one key for "controls" that repeated presses rotate
through contrast, brightness, etc. then one pair of keys for
increase and decrease. I thought about adding hue on Thursday
but I'd rather have a "controls" key mechanism first.

 > Also, is the default 50% for all channels or something else?

AFAIK all of these settings default to 32768 (50%) unless an
application specifically modifies them.

--  bjm


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