[mythtv-users] colour adjustment

Ryan A. Carris rac at racarris.com
Sat Mar 22 16:05:08 UTC 2003

Bruce Markey wrote:
> Ryan, I'm not exactly sure how to react to this sad tale
> other than to start by saying that I certainly understand
> your plight. The simple "+" and "-" displayed on the screen
> are of little or no use in this situation and this has been
> a problem for weeks...

it sounds like you already have fixed it.  -great, thanks.

>> It would be really great if there was a slider or some indicator of
>> change from the baseline (such as +5/-5).  An ability to reset may also
>> work.
>> -rac
> ...but this is exactly what I took care of YESTERDAY! 8-).
> Check out the current CVS. Each of contrast, brightness and
> color have sliders that shows the percentage just like the
> volume control.


> If you want to get your color back to 50% for all channels,
> you could do this:
> mysql> update channel set colour=32768;
> What I found recently is that, for each of the cards I
> tried, white is out of proportion compared to medium tones.
> I had thought this might be a gamma problem but lowering
> the contrast on the capture card made the images much more
> life-like:
> mysql> update channel set contrast=28000;
> --  bjm

I'll play with these sometime. I also notice that the white is out of 
proportion a bit. Is there a page/link that tells me a little more about 
these numbers?  Is it linear between 0 and 65536, with 32768 half way 
and 28000 less than half?  Also, I noticed last night that Xaw allows 
changes to the Hue, but Myth doesn't appear to.  Is there a reason, or 
am I incorrect?  Also, is the default 50% for all channels or something 


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