[mythtv-users] Red Hat 8.0 rpms (was: Version 0.8 is nowavailable.)

Cedar McKay cedarmckay at mac.com
Fri Mar 21 20:30:34 UTC 2003

> RPMs are just a package not unlike the debs that mdz provides.  I am
> sure there is some documentation on the way and if now I will attempt 
> to
> write some when I rebuild my box in the future.  The great thing about
> them is that like the debs, if you use apt for them, it handles all of
> the dependencies for you.

As I said before, I have no objection to using rpms. My objection is 
supplying rpms, without any documentation, then letting the mythtv 
lists provide tech support. If Axel Thimm or someone else would provide 
some documentation that we could put in the mythtv docs I would be very 
happy to recommend them. Though Axel has shown no inclination to write 
docs, I would apreciate if you or any other fan of the rpms would.

> There is no reason to stop making them as it
> will only make a larger amount of the public able to use mythtv, which
> in my opinion is a good thing.

I agree. What we need is documentation in _addition_ to the rpms. If 
you do start work on documentation I would contact Robert Kulagowski to 
make sure he is willing to include Red Hat/ RPM documentation in the 
main docs. I would really like to see rpms become of viable way of 
installing! It is just that in my opinion it is worse than nothing 
without installation instructions.



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