[mythtv-users] Red Hat 8.0 rpms (was: Version 0.8 is nowavailable.)

Brent brent at biglinux.tccw.wku.edu
Fri Mar 21 19:50:40 UTC 2003

RPMs are just a package not unlike the debs that mdz provides.  I am
sure there is some documentation on the way and if now I will attempt to
write some when I rebuild my box in the future.  The great thing about
them is that like the debs, if you use apt for them, it handles all of
the dependencies for you.  There is no reason to stop making them as it
will only make a larger amount of the public able to use mythtv, which
in my opinion is a good thing.  

> skeeterskip's problems are a perfect example of why I think 
> mythtv rpms 
> are a bad idea. You suck newbies away who think they are getting the 
> "easier" solution, and then the poor guys are left high, dry and 
> unsupported. The mythtv docs as is can't help them because 
> they are not 
> designed with your rpm in mind. And you certainly have not submitted 
> documentation that would help them. When they come to the 
> list there is 
> confusion because it is assumed that they used the normal method to 
> install.
> cedar

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