[mythtv-users] (post)recording issues

Unit3 unit3 at demoni.ca
Fri Mar 21 19:32:02 UTC 2003

William Preston wrote:

>Someone please correct me if I'm wrong (more than likely), but I was of
>the impression that MPEG2 encoding was tied up with proprietary
>algorithms/licenses now, so there was no open-source (or free) software
>which would allow you to encode.
Hrm, there may be licenses... I hadn't really considered that end of 
things, I guess. I just assumed that since we were using codecs with 
licence issues via mencoder anyway (such as DiVX), that it wouldn't be a 
big issue. ;)

>And getting Apple (er, Sorenson) to open up Quicktime is never going to happen.
The file format for Quicktime is already open, and there is a linux 
library that mplayer uses to deal with it. The codecs are problematic, 
but I sortof thought that if we were using MJPEG anyway, we could fairly 
easily use the Quicktime file wrapper instead of whatever we're using 
now. Maybe this doesn't make sense for the realtime encoding/playback 
nature of the software, which is why I asked.

>If you look in MC/libs/libavcodec you'll find a bunch of different codecs, most of which (from my understanding) are not being used in myth right now...but presumably they could be, if someone had a hankerin'.
Heheheh, well, I guess that's what the opensource effort is all about, 
non? I'll check into that this weekend, then, if I have time. It'd be 
nice if the option to use *any* libavcodec was available, since more 
options means more people can use it to do what they want on the systems 
they already have.

If anyone has any tips on what I'd need to look at to get started on 
this, please send them my way! The easier it looks, or the more docs I 
have, the sooner I'll get it done. ;)


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