[mythtv-users] Dual (simultaneous) use of Myth box?

Mike Thomson linux at m-thomson.net
Sat Mar 22 11:02:50 UTC 2003

[sorry...no input for your other questions]

> As sort of a postscript, here's a sillier question that I'm still
> interested in the answer for: how difficult would it be to let MythTV
> use different audio/video codecs, and/or different file formats that are
> more standardly accepted across platforms? It'd be nice if we could just
> record direct to, say, MPEG2, or to a Quicktime file using Apple's MJPEG

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong (more than likely), but I was of
the impression that MPEG2 encoding was tied up with proprietary
algorithms/licenses now, so there was no open-source (or free) software
which would allow you to encode.  And getting Apple (er, Sorenson) to open
up Quicktime is never going to happen.

> (which can, among other things, preserve interlacing if that's desired).
> If we could do this, having a nicer deinterlace inside of MythTV is less
> important (to me), because you can post-process it easier.

If you look in MC/libs/libavcodec you'll find a bunch of different codecs,
most of which (from my understanding) are not being used in myth right
now...but presumably they could be, if someone had a hankerin'.

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