[mythtv-users] Re: Leadtek winfast 2000 XP Can I get sound from bttv directly?

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Thu Mar 20 10:14:22 UTC 2003

Update: I set the btsound module to load at startup, and after a reboot (could have been done without, but my logging is setup kind of strange...), dmesg shows three messages about not being about to find the sound chip (one for each of the chips it supports), so I guess I am out of luck

I am assuming that the Pinnacle PCTV supports sound ok then?  Does anyone else have any recommendations for a very high quality card with sound over the PCI bus?  

I am trying to put together a system which is suitable for integration into a hifi level home theatre (using an M-Audio 410 soundcard, etc).  (I also need to try and work out how to get some debug output on dropped frames, etc in order to tune things...)


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First a disclaimer:  I have NO experience with the Leadtek card.  Anything I
say, I've discovered by reading either other's posts or various websites.

There was a thread a while ago about this very card, which convinced me not
to buy it.  In that thread, someone who did claim to have used the card said
that the only way he could get sound from the card was to jumper from the
card to his sound card.  He could not get sound through the PCI interface.

I'm currently building a computer system, and at first I planned to use the
Leadtek for my TV tuners.  I changed my decision to the Pinnacle PCTV Pro
because of this very issue.  I decided this not because of any sound quality
issues, but instead because I want my system to use multiple (3) TV tuners,
and I was worried that I wouldn't have enough sound inputs on my sound card
(actually for me, sound is handled on my motherboard), if I needed one for
each tuner.

I know this isn't much information, but I hope it helps.


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> Please excuse what may be a dumb question.
> I have a Leadtek winfast 2000 XP TV card and sound works fine using the
loopback cable out of the back and into the soundcard.  However, I am hoping
to put together the highest quality system possible and I have read reports
from people with other cards who report better quality using the btaudio
module to get (what I assume is) sound directly from the card.
> Can anyone please confirm that this is what happens, ie with many Hauppage
cards you can get sound directly from the card without the loopback cable,
and also that this is a much higher quality solution?
> Also how would I determine whether I can do that with my card?  I have
taken the card out and there are no obvious chips with the correct word,
however, is this a good test?  "insmod btaudio" works, but nothing obvious
appears as a result.  What should happen if I had (say) a hauppage card?
Would a /dev/dsp1 device appear?  Or is it only exposed to the bttv driver
which needs to pass it back to the OS in some way...?
> Also has anyone noticed any cards which happen to have particularly high
picture and sound quality with TV? (above the norm)
> Thanks for any advice.

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