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Ken VanDine ken at
Thu Mar 20 01:08:02 UTC 2003

Thanks, what do you mean by changing the compression?  Do you mean the bitrate?
 I have tried it as low as 2200 with no real improvement.  It actually looks
pretty good at 320x240, but goes down quickly as I increase it.  It is a bt8x8 card.


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> Ken VanDine wrote:
> >This is great info, but I can't seem to capture above 320x240.  I have a
> WinTV Go on a P4 1.5G system.  I try anything higher than 320x240 the quality
> gets worse.  It appears to be capturing at 320x240 and scaling up.  Do you
> think that is what is happening?  I would really like some guidance.  Is it
> possible to force it to not use overlay mode?  
> >  
> >
> Is the WinTV Go card a bt8x8 card? If so, it shouldn't be doing this, 
> especially in MythTV since AFAIK MythTV doesn't use overlay mode 
> directly from the card, it does compression first and then outputs it. 
> I'd change the compression settings for "Live TV" and see if that makes 
> a difference in your quality, it could be that it's just compressing the 
> snot out of the video and that's producing what you see. Also, if you 
> turn off deinterlacing, you should be able to see right away whether or 
> not it's capture the full 480 vertical pixels based on whether you can 
> see the interlacing artifacts or not.
> Graeme
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