Capture Card Resolution -- was: Re: [mythtv-users] 2 Capture card questions

Unit3 unit3 at
Wed Mar 19 23:16:49 UTC 2003

Ken VanDine wrote:

>This is great info, but I can't seem to capture above 320x240.  I have a WinTV Go on a P4 1.5G system.  I try anything higher than 320x240 the quality gets worse.  It appears to be capturing at 320x240 and scaling up.  Do you think that is what is happening?  I would really like some guidance.  Is it possible to force it to not use overlay mode?  
Is the WinTV Go card a bt8x8 card? If so, it shouldn't be doing this, 
especially in MythTV since AFAIK MythTV doesn't use overlay mode 
directly from the card, it does compression first and then outputs it. 
I'd change the compression settings for "Live TV" and see if that makes 
a difference in your quality, it could be that it's just compressing the 
snot out of the video and that's producing what you see. Also, if you 
turn off deinterlacing, you should be able to see right away whether or 
not it's capture the full 480 vertical pixels based on whether you can 
see the interlacing artifacts or not.


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