[mythtv-users] >125 channles

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Mar 19 03:34:05 UTC 2003

Kevin Jarrard wrote:
> I'm new to MythTV and TV cards in general, so maybe this question is 
> moot.  I am starting to build a Myth box and am looking for a tuner 
> card.  Based on what I have seen, I figured I would just go out and buy 
> the cheapest bt878 card I could find, but then I got to wondering...
> I have digital cable at home, but I know that at least up to channel 
> 110, you don't need a box to view them (straight analog).  I think that 
> this is the case up to the mid 200's.  Can anyone point me to a well 
> priced and good performing card with a tuner that is capable of >200 
> channels?  The wife says several of the low 200 channels are a must.

I don't think you can get the higher digital channels from
an analog tuner on the coax. What you can do is get an IR
Blaster and use lirc to control the digital cable box. If
your cable box has S-Video out, get a tuner card with an
S-Video input. See MC/configfiles/ and


--  bjm

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