[mythtv-users] ok...

Justin yell at rogers.com
Wed Mar 19 03:04:49 UTC 2003

usenet at wingert.org wrote:

>Do you know of a video card with 480p out?  Or is there a VGA to 480p 
>scan converter?
There are VGA -> Component adaptors, they cost around $100 unless you 
DIY and build your own. And they don't just do 480p, they'll do the 
higher HDTV reses as well. Also, ATI makes an HDTV adaptor for their 
cards (that only works in Windows unfortunately, because they reprogram 
the RAMDACs in the driver to output the YUV signal). As well, a few 
HDTVs have SVGA or DVI input that you can plug your computer directly in 
to (however, I'm told that not all TV DVI connectors work with computer 
DVI connectors for some odd reason).


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