[mythtv-users] Two Bonehead Questions

Jeremy Oddo joddo at apixels.net
Tue Mar 18 22:43:24 UTC 2003

Bruce Markey said:
> Jeremy Oddo wrote:
>> So, I'm building another myth machine and I've run across a couple of
>> things.  I thought I'd ask the list for a little help :)
>> 1.  I've install the ms core fonts (http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/)
>> and they're working in other apps, but I *still* only have the
>> freetype font available under Myth.  Anyone know how to get the fonts
>> into myth?
> The setup wizard doesn't actually look for fonts, it just
> lists the one included in the MythTV distribution. You
> could try modifying the setting in mysql (after you've
> backed up your database ;-).
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-19.html#ss19.6
Hmmm.  How is everyone else getting better fonts under MythTV?  I thought
I was the only one using the vanilla freetype font :)

>> 2.  I'm having sound problems again.  Sound seems to work under
>> everything BUT xawtv and myth.  Yes, I'm running ALSA.  Yes, I have
>> turned off artsd.
>>  Yes, I have adjusted the volume controls.  Yes, I've read the myth
>> docs.
>> Yes, I've looked thru the archives.  Do any Mandrake9 users have any
>> pointers?
> Well, then it should work perfectly 8-).
That's what I've been trying to tell my computer :)

> If both cards work on the first machine but not the second,
> then the problem is probably the configuration for the bttv
> or alsa drivers.
Well, I know that the card works.  It works fine with other apps, and it
worked find under Win2K.

Hmmm, that gets me thinking.  Maybe it IS a problem with my bttv setup
because the patch cable goes from the WinTV card to the sound card.  I
guess I could attach the speakers directly to the WinTV card to see if I'm
getting any sound out of that baby.

Thanks for the idea!


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