[mythtv-users] Does a remote mythfrontend (version .8) require a tv tuner ?

Chris cisip at sprintmail.com
Wed Mar 19 22:21:32 UTC 2003

Jeremy Oddo wrote:
> So, I'm building another myth machine and I've run across a couple of
> things.  I thought I'd ask the list for a little help :)
> 1.  I've install the ms core fonts (http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/) and
> they're working in other apps, but I *still* only have the freetype font
> available under Myth.  Anyone know how to get the fonts into myth?

The setup wizard doesn't actually look for fonts, it just
lists the one included in the MythTV distribution. You
could try modifying the setting in mysql (after you've
backed up your database ;-).


> 2.  I'm having sound problems again.  Sound seems to work under everything
> BUT xawtv and myth.  Yes, I'm running ALSA.  Yes, I have turned off artsd.
>  Yes, I have adjusted the volume controls.  Yes, I've read the myth docs. 
> Yes, I've looked thru the archives.  Do any Mandrake9 users have any
> pointers?

Well, then it should work perfectly 8-). I'd start by
checking the patch cable. It should go from the tuner card
"out" (not "remote") to "line in" (not headphone, etc.).
Unmute line-in and you should hear the patched through analog
audio from xawtv. If it still doesn't work and this is a new
card for a second system, try swapping it with the card in
the first system to see if the audio on this card is bad.

If both cards work on the first machine but not the second,
then the problem is probably the configuration for the bttv
or alsa drivers.

--  bjm

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