[mythtv-users] re: EPIA M-9000 Notes and Questions..

Adrian Burden aburden at onegeeksopinion.com
Tue Mar 18 18:58:23 UTC 2003

How is your TV output with this motherboard?

I have this hooked up as my frontend, and the screen is over to the
right about an inch. I have tried using xvidtune but it does not seem to

I am using Mandrake 9 with the slim driver, and things seem to be
running ok, just need to tweak things.
Mandrake 9 surprised me with the audio working with no problems, other
versions would not work right.
Tried 8.2 and the VIA drivers would not install, 9.1 R2 and the sound
was crackly.

Any tips from users using this board?


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> How do you think it would work just as a frontend? If you can do live 
> TV at  352x240 it seems like you should be able to just do playback at

> 480x480 or  even higher.

With the newer slim graphics driver it plays 480x480 just fine.  640x480
is pushing it but I also haven't spent any time trying to optimize the
OS, etc..  The hiccups I see are when you change channels and the OSD is
Once it is down, then playing is fine.  Pause, rewind, ff all work

I have had some issues with various audio drivers though.  The one
shipped by  Via seems to work pretty well, but you have to use a
supported distro.  The 2.4.20-ac kernel has a driver that works with
xmms but not with MythTV (video slows down then jumps ahead, no sound).
The 2.4.21pre5-ac works better, but I still have problems ("max
headroom" effect). I also changed some other stuff at the same time so I
am still trying to narrow down the cause.

I also have it booting over the net using PXELinux which works great.
The tricky part is getting your root partition set up correctly (which I
am still working on).


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