[mythtv-users] re: EPIA M-9000 Notes and Questions..

Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Wed Mar 12 21:00:57 UTC 2003

> How do you think it would work just as a frontend? If you can do live TV
> at  352x240 it seems like you should be able to just do playback at
> 480x480 or  even higher.

With the newer slim graphics driver it plays 480x480 just fine.  640x480
is pushing it but I also haven't spent any time trying to optimize the OS,
etc..  The hiccups I see are when you change channels and the OSD is up. 
Once it is down, then playing is fine.  Pause, rewind, ff all work great.

I have had some issues with various audio drivers though.  The one shipped
by  Via seems to work pretty well, but you have to use a supported distro.
 The 2.4.20-ac kernel has a driver that works with xmms but not with
MythTV (video slows down then jumps ahead, no sound).  The 2.4.21pre5-ac
works better, but I still have problems ("max headroom" effect). I also
changed some other stuff at the same time so I am still trying to narrow
down the cause.

I also have it booting over the net using PXELinux which works great.  The
tricky part is getting your root partition set up correctly (which I am
still working on).


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