[mythtv-users] DVD in myth TV

Carlos Talbot carlos at talbot.net
Tue Mar 18 03:19:58 UTC 2003

Do you have a Mitsu HTDV? If so you don't want to connect via the VGA 
in-port as it's limited to 640x480. With the right cable you can display 
960x540P (1080i) which the t.v. was designed for. You have two options 
for connecting a VGA card to your mitsu:

1. A transcoder such as 
2. A VGA to RGBHV breakout cable:  

Provided you supply the correct modeline setting in XF86Config-4 your 
t.v. will display HDTV resolutions from your VGA card.

A lot of this is dicussed at 


usenet at wingert.org wrote:

>My Mitsubishi has VGA in, but only 640x480, it is a top of the line Diamond too.
>Which TVs do 1080i?
>Could you provide a link for a VGA to 1080i Converter for $100?

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