[mythtv-users] Using mythfilldatabase in Germany

Stephan Wentz wentz at gmx.de
Sat Mar 15 22:00:36 UTC 2003

> Yes, no one has bothered to send in a working patch to fix things with
> tv_grab_de. mythfilldatabase will remain broken for tv_grab_de until
> that  happens.

this isn't this easy - a patch wouldn't suffice.
tv_grab_de returns really bad data, only about half of the normal german
channels, what wouldn't be a problem, but the data that it returns has
another big problem - big parts are wrong! it shows shows (ahem) that run
on different channels, has wrong times, things are missing and so on.
i can only suggest everyone in germany who has the chance to do so use
nxtvepg, which gathers data from nextview, which is broadcasted on several
channels here in germany. nxtvepg can export data in xmltv-format.

bye, stephan

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