[mythtv-users] Stuck at base 1

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Thu Mar 13 00:05:20 UTC 2003

At 11:19 PM 3/12/2003 +0000, Malcolm Wotton wrote:
>I have a real fundamental problem, basically my TV card isn't working in
>Linux so I can't get started on mythtv. I've done all I know and now I need
>any clue I can to help get this working . . . .
>Details follow - thanks in advance for anyone that can point me to something
>to try next
[details deleted]

OK. An 848-based Hauppauge card is old, but it should work (as card type 2) 
with the bttv module. Please let us see:

         1. exact output of "lsmod" (run as root).
         2. exact output of "cat /proc/interrupts". Preferably *after* an 
unsuccessfult run with scantv.
         3. The raw data on the card as they appear in the pseudo-file 
/proc/pci (your version of lspci formats its report a bit differently from 
mine, and I want to be sure I've read correctly what it is reporting).
         4. Any messages from bttv when it installs (might still be in 
dmesg, or your system might write the boot/init dmesg buffer to a file in 
/var/log ... or maybe something else ... I don't knwo Mandrake).

         5. Please tell us what frequency range your cable uses. (You 
should know this from the successful use of the card with Windows,  if no 
place else.)

         6. When the card "works perfectly" in your Windows test ... what 
software are you testing it with? THe stuff that Hauppauge ships with the 
card, or something else (what)?

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