[mythtv-users] Myth start

Jonathan Marriott kiwiuk at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 14 12:34:37 UTC 2003

> I have a few questions on items that maybe one of you has already solved.
> 1) Is anyone having trouble with serial port access? I (suddenly) fear
that I
> may have blown my serial port with static as I can't seem to get my perl
> to change channels. (I get "getattr: Input/output error" when I run the
> on the line that opens /dev/ttyS0.) What is required in the kernel to have
> access to serial ports?

>From what i recall 2.4.18 kernels had a known bug that disables interrupts.

> 2) I have the box connected to my 32" TV via the S-Video connector. I have
> adapter setting for Overscan mode on, but I'm losing too much of the
edges. How
> do I adjust this without going to underscan mode?

You can't with the slim drivers. Maybe next version

> 3) Does anyone have settings for XF86Config or XF86Config-4 that will
allow 720
> by 480 mode? I see a mention of a modeline from the Myth FAQ (section 17),
> that seems to pertain to a monitor and not a TV. I use Ogle to view DVD's.
> it possible to integrate Ogle into Myth?)

#Refresh Rate 60Hz
ModeLine "720x480" 26.7 720 736 808 896 480 481 484 497
#Refresh Rate 75Hz
ModeLine "720x480" 34.9 720 752 824 928 480 481 484 502

Or try it with option "NoDDCValue"


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