[mythtv-users] Red Hat and mythmusic

Dan Man danman at dtconnect.com
Tue Mar 11 17:31:08 UTC 2003

I've got MythMusic running on two RedHat 8 machines here. My setup is
that I've got all of my music on the 'master' Myth machine that is used
for a front end and back end for tv and music. I have another machine
that is a front end tv machine only with MythMusic. It mounts the master
via nfs to get to the music. (Same setup for MythVideo).

What kind of information do you need on the setup?

Dan Mount
dmount at dtconnect.com

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I'm trying to get Red Hat 8 documentation together for modules in  
addition to mythtv before the 0.8 release. If the docs are going to  
have red hat specific help for setting up mythmusic by 0.8 release  
time, it is now or never. If you are a Red Hat user and have attempted  
to install the cvs version of  mythmusic, I want to hear from you,  
whether you were successful or not. Please contact me on or off list.

For background see:  




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