[mythtv-users] Re: [mythtv] non-Xv display support in CVS.

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Mar 8 21:27:15 UTC 2003

> > > If I'm right, then the first X error message you
> > saw
> > > about "Bad Value"
> > > should fall between the XJ_black and XJ_win debug
> > > printf's above.  I'm
> > > curious whether XCreateSimpleWindow is failing but
> > > not being detected
> > > properly.
> I added more printfs and it looks like _all_ of the
> errors come from the line:
> XSetWMProperties(data->XJ_disp, data->XJ_win,
> &windowName, &iconName, NULL, 0, &(data->hints),
> &wmhints, NULL);

Here's a couple more things to try:

Add a line like this after the last "printf" line in each group of
printf lines.  This will make the printf lines get printed before anything
after them.

If the error messages still occur all right at XSetWMProperties then
try changing the XSetWMProperties lines like this

Go through one by one and change the following arguments to NULL (try
them in the order listed):


Change them one at a time and then recompile and retest.  The function should
work with those arguments set to null so if it starts working when you
change a particular one it could point to a problem with that.  The normal
hints (data->hints) are already set in the XvVideoOutput::sizehint() function
so I'm not sure why they need to be passed here as well.

Getting closer but no fix yet... :)


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