[mythtv-users] Re: [mythtv] non-Xv display support in CVS.

andy s sul404d at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 21:01:47 UTC 2003

> > If I'm right, then the first X error message you
> saw
> > about "Bad Value"
> > should fall between the XJ_black and XJ_win debug
> > printf's above.  I'm
> > curious whether XCreateSimpleWindow is failing but
> > not being detected
> > properly.

I added more printfs and it looks like _all_ of the
errors come from the line:

XSetWMProperties(data->XJ_disp, data->XJ_win,
&windowName, &iconName, NULL, 0, &(data->hints),
&wmhints, NULL);


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