[mythtv-users] Myth Setup Question

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Sat Mar 8 18:12:08 UTC 2003

I have RH 8.0 and an ATI Wonder TV VE, and mine is found at /dev/video0.

Mike Wood wrote:
> I just ran through all the installation steps for MythTV and I'm very 
> close to getting it up and running but I've hit a little snag when I run 
> Setup.  One of the questions that's asked is what device the capture 
> card is on...and I don't know!  I know it seems kinda silly, but how can 
> I tell which device my ATI-TV Wonder VE is on?  I also have a GeForce 4 
> as my video card.  Are these both in /dev/video?  I'm running RH8.0.

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