[mythtv-users] Using MythTV .7 as a frontend on remote machine with live tv function but scheduled recording disabled?

Chris cisip at sprintmail.com
Sat Mar 8 19:03:21 UTC 2003

JC wrote:
> Hi,
> Was running Myth CVS just great as of about a week ago.  Have about 60gb
> worth of shows recorded, and then things just "hung".  Couldn't even task
> (snip)
 > Now it won't boot again.
> This PC had run perfectly for about 2 years with Win2k and never a glitch of
> trouble.  Do you think turning on the dma stuff as suggested in the
> setup/faq could have screwed it up?  If so, would it really take a few weeks
> to screw up?

It is NOT likely a hardware problem. It is likely a corrupt filesystem. 
  Type "man fsck", Read, Understand, then Run "fsck".  This should get 
your computer back up and running.

> Also, should I try and switch the file system (using linux default now -
> ext2 right?) to some journaled one or something "safer"?
> (snip)
> JC

Another alternitive to running a journaled file system, is to mount your 
existing partitions using the "sync" option.  IMHO this is a much better 

Linux, by default, sets 'ext2' partitions to be written async.  This is 
not a good thing, because data is not written to the disk right a way, 
therefore if you hit the reset button, you are doomed to loose data, 
everytime.  (no other OS does this, as far as I know)  Mounting the 
filesystems w/ the sync option will definitely sacrifce speed though, 
but is much safer.  I say that this is a better option, because it 
doesn't carry the overhead/hassle of a Journeled filesystem and almost 
as safe.

But, I would only do this if you have setup a seperate partition for you 
video that can still be mounted 'async', so that you don't loose speed 


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