[mythtv-users] using themes on a 640x480 display

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Mar 4 09:23:00 UTC 2003

Ray Olszewski wrote:
> One thought ... in the spirit of Charles Weaver's suggestion to me 
> earlier today ... whoever maintains the above HowTo should consider 
> updating the instuctions a bit.

I'll take the blame ;-). This item is new so your feedback
is appreciated.

> Since the default GUI is 800x600, there is no way I can see to use it 
> *on* a 640x480 display to change the setting *to* 640x480

In 8.0, if the dimensions aren't yet set in the database,
the desktop height and width are used. However, if someone
inadvertently set their size too large, they would have
the Catch-22...

> And for version 0.7-13 of MythTV (the Debian version I've installed 
> here), the filename "themes.txt" is incorrect 

Yup, typo.

> ...  I'd suggest modifying its part of the instructions to
> steer the user to a config file he can edit, as in version 0.7 
> (/etc/theme.txt, if it is still used).

This is one of the big differences between 0.7 and 0.8. The
settings are now in a database table rather than a file. So
I think the commandline way out of the Catch-22 would be
the mysql commands to reset the sizes. Thanks.

> Finally, this information might be better placed in section 10.1 (Using 
> Themes with MythTV) than off in section 18 (Miscellaneous), where it is 
> easily missed (at least I missed it there).

Ya, this was written as a separate article but some of
the info may be useful in other parts of the docs. Adding
some of the info, or at least links, in other places in
the docs may make sense.

--  bjm

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