[mythtv-users] Re:RE: Re:Need a little help with setup

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Mon Mar 3 22:33:50 UTC 2003

At 03:59 PM 3/3/2003 -0500, Weaver, Charles wrote:
>Ray, if you figured it out, why did you not send in a post?

I found the answer very quickly once I looked in the MySQL docs. As a 
result, I concluded that my "problem" wasn't much of a problem, and 
reflected my own stupidity, or maybe laziness, more than a problem with the 
MythTV docs.

This interpretation was reinforced by the fact that nobody answered my 
question in the time between my posting the question and my reporting that 
I'd found the answer. On mailing lists, polite people usually just ignore 
stupid questions ... only occasionally does someone manage to find a polite 
way to tell you it's a stuipd question, since that's hard to do politely 
... and that's how I interpreted the silence my question met.

It was only when you wrote in with the same problem just a couple of days 
later that I thought the omission might be more important ... not my 
isolated problem ... so possibly worth an addition to the install 
instructions. Particularly when your query, unlike mine, did get responses 
that pointed in the wrong directions, which suggested that what I had 
concluded was the "obvious" answer wean't so obvious after all.

>  Just to let you
>know, I sent an email to the person maintaining or creating the installation
>guide with the suggestion to add the information about the password, so that
>others would not have the same problem.  If everyone posts answers to the
>problems we encounter, then eventually the install document will be very
>rich and extremely helpful.

Maybe, maybe not. For years now, I've seen the problem of "FAQ Bloat", as 
documentation gets more and more specifics added to it, to the point where 
it is hard to find answers to the simple, common questions because they are 
buried in among obscure, rare, or obsolete ones ... in effect, making the 
"F" in "FAQ' a lie. So even having experienced this particular problem with 
MySQL's confusing use of "root", I'm not sure it should be added to the 
MythTV install docs. And I'm sure that the maintainer should not add 
*every* answer that shows up on this list to the docs ... deciding what is 
important to include and what is better omitted is a key part of a doc 
maintainer's job.

In any case, am I assuming too much in thinking that "the person 
maintaining or creating the installation
guide" subscribes to and reads this list? I hope not.

>At 08:48 AM 3/3/2003 -0500, Weaver, Charles wrote:
> >I think I have it. I did not set the password for the root. As soon as I
> >did that, setup started to work.
>Yes. I'm the person who asked about this last week, and I too figured out
>the problem before anyone here posted anything helpful.
>Since I'm not alone, I wonder if a short note about this requirement should
>be added to the installation instructions, to assist first-time MySQL users
>...even though this is not a MythTV problem as such.

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