[mythtv-users] Newbie GeForce2 TV-Out BT869 question

K Ivan chepati at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 3 17:12:03 UTC 2003

I bought an MSI GForce2 MX400 card with TV out and it
has the chip you're after.  I have it working with my
TV without amy problems.  I just have to find a way to
run nvtv from a script without defaulting to PAL and
also find a way to disable DPMS.  Other than these two
small issues, the card works very well.  For a
comparison, I also have a G200 and I cannot really
tell  the difference between the two in terms of
TV-Out quality.

The model number of the MSI card is MX400D-T32 (32MB
DDR TV-Out).  I bought it online for $38 from

Good luck,

--- grozio at buffalo.edu wrote:
> >From what I have read on the site, it seems that
> the BT869 is the best 
> chipset to have on your vid card for tv out. I
> checked out the site 
> with the chart for compatable cards, but very few
> Geforce2s are listed 
> there that I can find for sale. I was reading that
> the chip i am 
> looking for on the video card is the Conexant chip
> that has the BT869, 
> correct? This card at newegg is made by Albatron and
> appears to have 
> the chip right past the VGA output as you look up
> the card. Am I 
> correct and is that the right chip? The one that has
> the "C" like logo? 
> Are all conexant chips the BT869? Thanks for the
> info, just dont want 
> to be stuck with the wrong card. Heres the link to
> the picture:
> Thanks.
> -Derek
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