[mythtv-users] Newbie GeForce2 TV-Out BT869 question

grozio at buffalo.edu grozio at buffalo.edu
Mon Mar 3 00:21:36 UTC 2003

>From what I have read on the site, it seems that the BT869 is the best 
chipset to have on your vid card for tv out. I checked out the site 
with the chart for compatable cards, but very few Geforce2s are listed 
there that I can find for sale. I was reading that the chip i am 
looking for on the video card is the Conexant chip that has the BT869, 
correct? This card at newegg is made by Albatron and appears to have 
the chip right past the VGA output as you look up the card. Am I 
correct and is that the right chip? The one that has the "C" like logo? 
Are all conexant chips the BT869? Thanks for the info, just dont want 
to be stuck with the wrong card. Heres the link to the picture:



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