[mythtv-users] Best kernel for mythtv?

Chris cisip at sprintmail.com
Tue Mar 4 02:12:47 UTC 2003

Just use the xawtv program.  It outputs the video like a tv tuner with no
recording / buffering.  As such, it's much less load on the system.  It's
really bypassing MythTV, but it will give you an idea of your tuner quality.

Also, read the various threads in the archives about fine tuning (you can do
this with xawtv using the right/left arrow keys) and also read about
selecting the correct tuner type.


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> Hi,
> I am new to MythTV. I want to make a small TV-Station, with only 800MHz
> Celeron. I have installed all the things and configured. My TV-playback is
> very slow and has bad quality. I think it's cause of the caching of the
> whole TV-stream. Is there a way to output the TV-Stream directly without
> writing it first to dummy file?
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