[mythtv-users] exportvideo?

Shawn Edwards sedwards at theedwards.org
Tue Mar 4 04:57:28 UTC 2003

> Van: usenet at wingert.org
> Second question, is MySQL really necessary?  I really question the need
> for a database with today's processor.  The bloat of code vs the "time
> savings".  With work projects, I always wonder if a flat text file isn't
> sufficent (hell we aren't cataloging Walmart's inventory).

No, we don't, but searching in a database is much faster. After some time
you're having 200 or so episodes laying around on your harddisk. And you
have a bunch of old programming info used for forecasting what you might
like (is this still on the MythTV roadmap?).

	Henk Poley <><

PS: If you ask "What? 200 episodes?", harddisks are getting bigger (and so
does 'bitdust'..):

In 7 years the av. harddisk has grown from 1GB to 80GBs (roughly 1:1.87
1y  150GB - 75hrs at 2GB/hr
2y  280GB - 140hrs at 2GB/hr
5y  1.8TB - approx. 75 days of video at 1GB/hr
7y  6.4TB - 3/4 year of...

btw, you can have terabyte harddisks already (Lacy has one for ~$700 if I'm
right). And off coarse I'm obviously missing something, but what, we'll now
in 5 years :-)

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