[mythtv-users] Screen Saver for Widescreen TVs

Unit3 unit3 at demoni.ca
Sun Mar 2 19:06:54 UTC 2003

John Kelley wrote:

>Can't you just connect an hdtv to a vid card via dvi and use it as a
>monitor? You shouldn't have to use tvout at all
Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. Apparently the HDTV 
manufacturers are incredibly lax in their DVI implementation... they 
obviously never thought people would try to hook their computers up, so 
lots of TVs don't send any plug'n'play timing info. Because HDTV 
resolutions and refresh rates aren't standard PC ones, you have to 
figure out the timing info for your tv and set your X server to do it 

And even if you do all that, you typically get a *lot* of overscanning, 
and it looks terrible. So, while it is possible, it's sort of a pain in 
the ass and doesn't really help things that much.

This is why I'm trying to find a Canadian dealer who will sell me a set 
Sampo makes... it has an SVGA input on the back, and works as a PnP 
computer monitor as well as a widescreen HDTV. :)


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