[mythtv-users] Screen Saver for Widescreen TVs

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Can't you just connect an hdtv to a vid card via dvi and use it as a
monitor? You shouldn't have to use tvout at all

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> Any ideas or information are welcome.

I have a widescreen TV, but fortunately it is uses a tube.  Plasma and 
rear-projection TVs are the ones that really suffer from the burn-in 

Unfortunately, I imagine most TV-outs on your standard video cards are 
set for NTSC or PAL, and not for HDTV formats.  What would be ideal 
would be to change the MythTV GUI size settings to use a 16x9 aspect 
ratio (1080x608, or something) and have a sufficiently expensive video 
card that'll do HD out through a DVI connection.

My point is that if you're just using the standard TV-out, you cannot 
truly send a 16x9 picture, or do anything to the "sides" of the image. 
You only output a 4x3.  If you want to zoom, stretch, or add the grye 
bars, that is up to the TV to figure out how to display a 4x3 image in a

16x9 space.

For me and my Myth box, I just use my TV's "panorama" setting slightly 
stretch the image to fill the screen so I don't have to worry about 
uneven burn-in.  For my tube TV that's not *really* a factor as much as 
it is with RPTV or plasma, but it's more for the looks.

I would suggest checking out some of the HTPC (Home Theater PC) forums 
on hometheaterspot or avsforum, as a lot of people there are connecting 
HD-capable PCs to their HDTVs.


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