[mythtv-users] Minimizing a Distribution

Henk Poley hpoley at dds.nl
Sun Mar 2 14:42:03 UTC 2003

> Van: Robert Middleswarth <robert at middleswarth.net>
> 1)What to base if off of.  Redhat, Mandrake, Debian, Gento, etc. 
> Everyone has there pet distro and my guess is that would be the hardest 
> part of the process.

There are just a couple of choises:
RPM, DEB, and a couple of new ones (like Gentoo 'wizardy' stuff)

> 2)Where to host the ISO's / Updates / Everything else.  I think 
> everything could held in 1 CD but that is still a 600 Meg ISO's and 
> updates that would have to be setup.

600MB? I'd think you can do much smaller, unless you want to use it as a
normal system too. But then you might as well just install it 'the old
way'. Myth* will/can all be packaged and so are the dependencies it relies

One thing, should there be 3 distro's (b, f, b+f), or just one with both
the back- and frontend? You can always deinstall one of them (need a script
to also remove all the unneeded dependencies).

btw, about bandwith, there are p2p networks nowadays. Set up a few
filemagnet, ed2k and gnutella links and you're almost done.

	Henk Poley <><

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