[mythtv-users] driver requirements for myth

Dane Kantner webmaster at cmtweb.com
Mon Jun 16 12:57:51 EDT 2003

ok, sorry ... maybe i'm stupid... i'm confused as to what is actually
required by mythTV as far as compatibility with specific hardware drivers.

i'm researching low profile cards (still)... i am still debating between a
lifeview 3100 (which is a low profile stereo card)... there are v4l2 drivers
at http://bytesex.org/saa7134/ ...will this work under myth, or does myth
still need to specifically support the drivers?

also, are there any other DMA audio solutions other than btaudio? i'm foggy
in this area, too.   i haven't seen much mention of anything else mentioned
about direct audio--but i'm not sure if this lifeview card would work w/

the only other mention of someone using a low profile card was a hacked
version of a tv wonder VE... but, the pvr hardware systems using this card
seem to all be rated bad in quality.  plus there seems to be no btaudio, and
making the VE a low profile card involves rigging it by removing the metal
plate... i wouldnt mind doing that if it was a nice card in the first place.
Anyone else?


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