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Yianni Vidalis yiannividalis at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 27 16:57:03 UTC 2012

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> Hi Yianni!
> On 3/26/2012 2:34 PM, Yianni Vidalis wrote:
> > I would "squeeze" 5 to 4 by eliminating "2", but I was worried only whether the "PG" and the other symbols were the ones MythTV was looking for when it was searching for metadata.
> That depends in which (translation) context it is...
> > I.e. if I translate "PG" to something Greek I would break the ratings system. So, my question is more of a programmatical type.
> If it's in RatingsToPL (Ratings To Parental Level), it is used to
> determine the parental level based on the ratings so changing this, if
> the ratings you have are in English, would break the parental level.

That's exactly what I would be messing with. No more. Thanks for the info. The ratings are in English, but the "PG-13" signs are also shown in the Manage Videos screen and I thought I'd just translate it.
I was hesitant because they only appear in one place (RatingsToPL).

> Thing is, I'm pretty sure that there's a problem with that bit of code
> and that the translation lookups aren't done properly.
> Fixing it is relatively easy (missing declaration) but until Stuart add
> multiple rating systems support it might actually do more harm than good
> since it would most likely break that movie rating to parental level
> matching unless the movie ratings you get are in your native language
> (which I don't think is the case currently).
No, it's not, it's in English.

> If it's not in RatingsToPL, could you please tell me where these are?
Only in that context.

> Have a nice day!
> Nicolas

You too,


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