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> This isn't recommended, it's more complicated that it first appears. For a
> start not all systems are compatible, some have more ratings than others or
> the ratings given are very different between countries. e.g. In the US a film
> featuring sex/nudity is likely to be given an NC-17 rating (the highest
> possible) where in the UK or Europe generally it might be given a 15 or even a
> 12A rating. In contrast a violent horror film in the US might be given an R
> rating (equivalent to the UK's 15) and an 18 rating in the UK.
Yes, it's different in Greece, too, we have 5 categories
1: For everyone
2: Parental guidance recommended
3: PG required
4: Over 15
5: Over 18.

I would "squeeze" 5 to 4 by eliminating "2", but I was worried only whether the "PG" and the other symbols were the ones MythTV was looking for when it was searching for metadata.
I.e. if I translate "PG" to something Greek I would break the ratings system. So, my question is more of a programmatical type.

> If time allows in 0.26 I'll add support for multiple rating systems that will
> permit not only for the correct rating names to be shown to the user but also
> allow MythTV to grab the _correct_ ratings for each country from TMDB. It's
> been on my todo list for a while now.

That would be great, I hope you find the time.

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