[Mythtv-translators] String freeze? New schedule?

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Sun Sep 26 16:14:51 UTC 2010

(Replying to myself... (-;)


On 9/26/2010 11:27 AM, Nicolas Riendeau wrote:
> On 9/26/2010 11:09 AM, Kenni Lund wrote:
>> Florian, I have just noticed these ~120 new strings myself. AFAICT,
>> these strings will get removed again (eg. end up as not-translatable,
>> at least for 0.24).

Kenni is currently writing a patch to remove them...

> If they stay translatable there will,
> most probably, not be much to be gained by translating them.

They will possibly/probably be reintroduced post 0.24 but most probably 
in a way that will make them shareable (more or less) application wide 
(ie they will probably be all in the same "context").

Have a nice day!


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