[Mythtv-translators] MythWeb translation files...

Nicolas Riendeau knight at teksavvy.com
Mon Sep 20 04:28:01 UTC 2010


I have noticed that not many of you submitted MythWeb translation files 
possibly because there was almost no documentation on how this should be 

I have added some information on how to do this on 
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Translation. Some of that information came 
from the translations.txt file in MythWeb lang directory, other came 
from the information already given for the rest of the translation files 
and finally some of which came from my own experience creating and 
maintaining them.

As question arises I will be adding information or modifying some of the 
information already provided but it should provide you with a good idea 
of what is involved in making a MythWeb translation & I believe enough 
information to start working on one.

For some sections I referred to this mailing list (how to add a new 
language, the category files) because I am not yet quite sure how much 
information should be given on how to do this and/or I don't think the 
translation page is the best place to explain it (for example the 
categories regular expressions).

There are quite a few strings to translate but some of them are similar, 
short or don't require as much research to find the appropriate 
translation (for example acronyms such as HDTV probably have acronyms 
you are already quite familiar with in your mother tongue (e.g. in 
French you would say TVHD)) so you could probably have one completed 
before the RCs (or at least the last one)...

Thank you very much for all the great work all of you have done!

Translation maintainer
MythTV development team

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